About Outbreak 5K

How it Works

The Outbreak 5k is a zombie themed race where each runner will attempt to navigate obstacles around the 3 mile course all while being chased by BRAIN EATING ZOMBIES!!

Each runner will be given two flags, similar to flag football, at the beginning of the race and will attempt to hold on to those flags throughout the duration of the race while zombies (volunteers) attempt to remove them. There will also be the option to purchase extra flags at registration while supplies last. Runners with flags remaining at the end are considered survivors while runners who lose both flags are considered undead.

This race will not be timed and has been designed with all shapes, sizes, and ages in mind. The zombies will be organized in a fashion that will allow runners the chance to walk and catch their breath. This will allow individuals who don’t regularly run the ability to still compete and have a great time.

Obstacles will include:

  • fog
  • a military crawl
  • walls of hay bales
  • navigating through a jumbled mess of ropes
  • tunnels
  • and more to come!

Each of the obstacles may be skipped if a runner chooses to not partake. 

Our Story

mr-larrickThe Outbreak 5k was created as a way to help fund The W. Michael Larrick Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship fund was established in 2014 by Michael and Britney Hammond (Larrick) in memory of their father, W. Michael (Mike) Larrick, and his desire for his children to get the best education possible.

Mike Larrick was a hardworking blue collar man who wore his heart on his sleeve and wanted nothing more in the world than to see his children succeed. Like many parents he worked unwaveringly in the pursuit of a better life for his children. Mike tragically passed on February 19th 2004 in a work related accident. After his death family, friends, and Mike’s employer all contributed and financially assisted both children so they could achieve the goal their father had set for them. The W. Michael Larrick Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in memory of his hard work and dedication to his children’s education. The goal of this scholarship fund is to allow others who have lost a parent or guardian the chance to pursue higher education through LFCC.

The scholarship will be awarded to full-time LFCC students who have lost a parent or primary guardian and demonstrate financial need as determined by the financial aid office. Recipients of this award must complete the scholarship application and essay as well as maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5. The scholarship award may be applied toward tuition, fees and/or books and will be divided equally between the fall and spring semesters.


The Outbreak Team

Michael Larrick


Britney Hammond (Larrick)

Event Organizer

John Hammond

Course Support Lead

Daniel Beatty

Course Support Lead

Elizabeth Larrick

Zombie Team & Course Support Lead

Suzy Campbell

Zombie Team Makeup

Sara Randolph

Zombie Team Makeup

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